Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Series One, Programme Six

This week's indie special includes the new single by Fractious Nit, and an exclusive interview with pop twinnock Rex Twix.  Madonna and Morrissey will be arguing in the kitchen, and there's another reference to New Malden for those who enjoyed it last time.

There's also the first episode of an amazing new adventure serial, so it's unfortunate that this is the last programme of the series.

We're still looking for contestants to take part in our 'Get In The Sideboard With A Crazed Lion' feature, so do contact us on this number.


Series One, Programme Five

On this week's programme there's a very special interview which we can't tell you too much about because we've forgotten who it's with.  Acclaimed non-Frinton based actress Anna Emerson will also be saying several words, and guest star Reg Chimpolomew will be doing very little.  There's also the ongoing adventures of Basil the Cylinder, and a whole host of other things which we've also forgotten about.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Series One, Programme Four

On this week's show, you'll not only hear a combine harvester but also a specially built giant catapult.  Guests include accaimed actors Greg Haiste and Anna Worthington, along with the less acclaimed Crazy Eric and Leonard Aircraft.  There's extensive information about shoe shops, and a feature on old bits on bark.  Plus: will the gasman read the meter in time?


Monday, 3 June 2013

Series One, Programme Three

In today's show, why not join in with The Farmer Collins Agricultural Singalong?  There's also the sound of a tree falling over, and spaceships for all the family.  So put your feet up, sit back, deactivatatronalise and marvel at another load of audio fun and plinths.


Series One, Programme Two

This week's long range programme comes to you from a burgon dispensing plant in Frinton, and includes incredible artichoke-based adventures and a special mention of New Malden.  There's an unedited interview with a slightly odd person, an unusual quiz about sideboards, and one of Britain's best respected actors appears inside a fish tank.



Series One, Programme One

In tonight's holdall packed episode, Frinton TV's Twig Harper will be presenting the first in a two hundred part series about something or other.  There's also the first ever audio appearance of an alarm clock with a tuba nailed to the side, and a Dalek will be appearing as itself.  Plus find out what to do if a bowler hat is fired at you from a cannon.  All this and a genuine policeman tonight on tonight's collection of audible accoutrements tonight tonight.


The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show

I will be posting all my Nothing To Do With Anything Shows here, but what exactly is The Nothing To Do With Anything Show?

The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Anything Show is a series of 15-minute programmes featuring bizarre characters, surreal features, and experimental sketch comedy mangled together in an innovative, fast-moving, freeform style.  The show has gained a loyal following as a podcast, receiving praise from the Radio Times, the Observer, Metro, Chortle, and the British Comedy Guide for its originality.

Ah, so that's what it is!

Now read, and listen, on...!